Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winning is Losing, Victory is Defeat

Right? It sounds like something straight out of Orwell's "1984". Pure Double-speak.
But is it? Not so fast.
There may be truth in them there title words.

Some say, Win at "all costs".
What if "all costs" ultimately means sure-fire defeat?

A few examples
below ...

Consider the victory parade of an infectious disease (e.g. the Ebola virus).
If it wins too fast, it loses.
Because the host dies too fast.
Because the host does not then aid in proliferation of the disease.
"Total" and swift victory actually becomes defeat.

The same can apply to human endeavors ...

Consider the Industrial Age ... (the Industrial Revolution)
Yes it has "globalized" itself (taken over, infected the world)

It's victory is near total and unquestioned

And yet,we (the
victorious viral species)

begin to have a
worrisome feeling
among our ranks
that our Big Win
may be the harbinger of
Collapse (the Big Lose)

Consider sports ...
and winning at all costs

The short term gain is
... crossing the man-made
and thus artificial
"finish" line

But getting there on unsustainable

Is that truly a "win"?

For whom?

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