Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pour Fahvor Seniore, Excusae Whilst Mammal I Become

Republo-Captain's Log, Stardate: 2013 State of the Grand Old Party Address (SOGOPA 2013)

Yes, for one brief,
mirror-scuffing moment,
the tall and proud Latino Republican,
Marcus Biblethumpper Rubio
had to stoop low,
drop face, and drink the
de-polluted aqua
out of a Mini-Me Mousekateire bottle.

It was almost as if
he too (etu Rubio-con?)
was a lowly mammal
and not the above-it all
self-made Republocrat.

Yes, whilst bragging about how,
in a time of rising economic tides
his mother and father had raised
the family boat all by themselves

(Si Seniore, WE built it, --alone)
and how he, the Rubio-con
had crossed over
to the wealthy side of the shores,
all on his own merits;

it was then that he had to stoop low
and become an animal.
And for one humiliating moment, drink, drink
a bottle full of aqua as would any lowly Democrat.

Oh the right-winged humanity!

Now the right wing talking point pundits
stand like deer in the headlights;
not understanding why The New Water-Sip Gate
is being made such a viral media event.

What? Superman must pause and drink the ordinary man's aqua??

(If I drink anything at all, I drink Liquid Poland. Be thirsty my friend. Be the most interesting man in the world.)

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