Saturday, March 2, 2013

Peak Sapience, The Dumb-beats

Forget Peak Oil and the "Drumbeats"

We are reaching for new heights in "sound" logic used by humans --call it the 'dumb-beats'.

This is an investigatory area of unlimited scope.

Big within the taxonomical mapping of dumb-beats is the part covering our notions of "money", "debt" and "value".

How Dumbo can we be?

No number is too small.

Dare we think in the Trillions?
As in dollars?
Sure. Why not?
How about quadrillions? Only a few more zeroes!

The faster we flap (our ears,
or our mouths,
or our 'financial' and 'fiscal' neurons, etc.),
the higher we go.
Wee. This is fun!

The Wiley Coyote moment
is far away in an unfathomable future

What goes up must ....
surely keep going up.

The trend lines say so.
Trend lines never lie.
They just "inflect" every so often.

Oh no! The magic feather. The magic feather. It's disappeared. It was a mirage.

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