Wednesday, July 18, 2012

iRooster (Part Deux), Crowing at the Sun Financially

One of the noises we insapien roosters of the human kind most enjoy making are "financial" noises.
Cock a doodle woo hoo$$
Cock a doodle woo hoo$$

We like to crow about "money".
We like to crow about "Mr. Economy".

"Mr. Economy" is feeling unwell today.
"Mr. Economy" is facing headwinds today.
"Mr. Economy" needs to keep growing (forever).
His "Hand" is more invisible than even he is.

But his "Hand" (Invisible) is more intelligent than any of us ever will be.

Cock a doodle woo hoo$$
Cock a doodle woo hoo$$

Sunday, July 15, 2012

iRooster, Crowing at the Sun

Anything with that leading little "i" in front of it catches our attention these days.


It's a dawn-stopping show-starter to open each day with a mirrored image of self ("I", the 1% ahead of those 99% other i's; I, the sapien) as the center of the Universe; the cause and effect of all that transpires.

We feel particularity self-elevated on our own perch when mocking the mythical Rooster who crows at the rising sun as if his call is the cause of all that comes after.

But are we truly any different?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cornucopian Hunger Games: Feeding Falsehoods to the Starved

If truly we are at the dawn of a new cornucopia, then why have all these Hunger Game Wars: Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Libya, Syria, ... ?

On one end of the burning candle ... Monbiot says he was wrong on peak oil

On the other burning end of the candle ... Foss tries to explain EROI to the math deaf and definition dumb (collapse of demand plus collapse of production "is" the peaking and decline of production)

But what does it matter which way the blame game runs?
Collapse is collapse.
Its victims are victims.
Let the Hunger Games begin.
And may luck be slightly in our favor.