Saturday, January 5, 2013

In the Land of the Money Heads, The One Eyed Man is ...

It is said that
In the Land of the Money Heads,
The One-eyed man is ...
fiscally irresponsible.

What do we mean by
One-eyed man?

He is the one who can see
when all around him are blind.

He sees what?

(1) He sees that ...
Money is a man-made delusion.

(2) He sees that ...
Money can represent a set of unfull-fillable
promises made by nobody in particular
to a set of other, nobody in particular persons

(3) He sees that ...
Years of irrationally formed habits
can delude the human brain into believing that:
Money is power;
Money is a chain which binds us;
Money alone can truly solve problems;
Money can make the laws of nature go away.

Actually, No, it can't.

Quantum Mc-easing in the economics plane
does not transform into thermodyanamic
law observances in the reality plane.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: We number our races round the roiled sun

A new day.
A new year.

Let us count and account for our
conceptual trespasses.

We who live by the "numbers"
may yet die for having misunderstood
the essence, direction and sum of our numbers.

"Numbers" make us feel clever; sapient. Perhaps too clever.

On this day we proclaim the end of our 2013'th race bout our sun. Two thousand, zero hundreds and thirteen times since we started to count. The common era, 2013 CE. We now begin our 214'th cycle. Even the Mayans flipped over to a new cycle.

What will we accomplish in this coming loop?

Will we fall over a fantasized fiscal "cliff"?
Butt our heads against a deficit "ceiling"?
Will we build more such artificial edifices?
And then count them as real?
In our mind's eye?

Will we continue to eschew
that which is real?

Realities Check List

(1) We are biological bugs (yeast-like) consuming the finite resources of our spherical Petri dish

(2) We can't keep this up forever

(3) We can't use mental gymnastics or oral incantations to make our problems go away

(4) Evolution is not on our side

(5) ...