Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bedazzled by the Setting Sun

Some might say:

Brightest it is

when staring at the setting sun.

Lately we have been bedazzled
by predictions of a dawning
new age of singular abundance.

We are awash in new technologies
and in a fresh cornucopia of consumption that
these confabulations appear to bring us.

The mini-me-Phones tie me-to-me and maybe even to you.

The Fed eases our quantitatives and spurs our economy to infinity and beyond.

The Fracks crack our rocks to free the fuels yet again.
The nostalgics nuance a reframed reality to bring us back the good old days.

Ain't no doubt 'bout it.
Happy Days are here again.

Or are they?

Is the "New Normal"
not your grandfather's normal?

Is the sea
not what we see?

Is the climate change
not to our temperament?

Is the gold
not that which glitters?

Are the smiles
on super model faces
nothing but pasted-on facades?

Is stale thinking
that which buries us?

Maybe so.
But oh that parking lot.
Look at that parking lot
And the sun that sets 'ore it.