Saturday, January 5, 2013

In the Land of the Money Heads, The One Eyed Man is ...

It is said that
In the Land of the Money Heads,
The One-eyed man is ...
fiscally irresponsible.

What do we mean by
One-eyed man?

He is the one who can see
when all around him are blind.

He sees what?

(1) He sees that ...
Money is a man-made delusion.

(2) He sees that ...
Money can represent a set of unfull-fillable
promises made by nobody in particular
to a set of other, nobody in particular persons

(3) He sees that ...
Years of irrationally formed habits
can delude the human brain into believing that:
Money is power;
Money is a chain which binds us;
Money alone can truly solve problems;
Money can make the laws of nature go away.

Actually, No, it can't.

Quantum Mc-easing in the economics plane
does not transform into thermodyanamic
law observances in the reality plane.

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