Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The "Hunger Games" are Now

Top Topic of the Day= The "Hunger Games" are Now

The above linked-to HuffPo editorial scores some strong points.

Our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and political wars in the "Capitol") are distracting Survival Island games which oppress and kill the poor while keeping the 1% in their one percentage strong hold.

Our Easter Island political system is driving us toward self-annihilation.

We are divided into warring factions (Dems versus Repubs versus Aliens and Predators).

Which Sci-fi writer of the 50's and 60's foresaw this dystopian present?

We have met the Krell, and they are us.


  1. Some interesting follow ups:

    (1) Are the "Hunger Games" merely a BAU surge in dystopian genre? See GoodReads

    (2) Is HG really about Climate Change? That's the way some at TreeHugger and ClimateProgress see it.

    (3) Does HG threaten religion? See here what the CatholicSun thinks.

    (4) Is HG merely a morality play? Berkeley seems to think so.

    (5) Another copy of Rebecca Solnit's editorial, "American Dystopia, Fiction or Reality?" can be found here at: TomDispatch

  2. Some further follow ups:

    (6) Is HG anti-government/ pro-libertarian? See this podcast: Kosmos

    (7) How about mind bending by the mass media? See Hunger Games - Fascism Playing on all Strings

    (8) Some wonder why the HG heroine "teams up" with others if all but one are to die in the end. But then again, don't we all live in a competitive arena and don't we all die in the end and nonetheless "team up" with one another? See Well Above Average (Also is it really that unrealistic that Big Coal is necessary in the technologically advanced (Singularity) future?)

  3. (11) On not "getting it" (missing the point of the story by a mile): 'The Hunger Games': Murder As Amusement For Children by Christopher Brauchli