Monday, April 30, 2012

Using Shortened URLs to Catalog Top Topic of Day

Some URL shortening sites allow you
to pick your own short code.
Today we explore the notion of
using the custom short code
to catalog your topic-of the-day.

TTOD_1= 4-30-2012 a - [mashable_com]
TTOD_2= title / hint=[blog_pay4tweet_com]
TTOD_3= title / hint=[...]
TTOD_4= title / hint=[...]
TTOD_5= title / hint=[...]
TTOD_6= title / hint=[...]
TTOD_7= title / hint=[...]
TTOD_8= title / hint=[...]

The "short" URL is actually a long one because it has a date or other cataloging code embedded in it

The date can be embedded as a 6 digit dashed-code. eg. 120430

Then, each cataloged topic can be discussed in turn:
TTOD_1= Which are the best URL shortening sites and why?

Snipurl provides a sortable/searchable database of all your snips
So if I point back to this posting with this, then I can link together all the snips used for the post based on embedded date ...

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