Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh and BTW, Thanks-Not for your Dys-Service

In a far off and
dystopian future,
we will be brain droned into
saying, "Thank you for your service"
every time we see a fellow citizen in uniform.

Mind you that I am in no way talking about the here and now.

After all, we live in "America", home of the "free speech"-ifiers and of the brave and of those who blink not when speaking truth back into the face of Homeland securing power.

Our Founding Fathers did not shrink from challenging the Homeland securing red coats of their day.

Was it not Patrick Henry, when spotting a British Redcoat in uniform, who said, "Oh and BTW, FU for your Dys-Service"?

So why not say it again today?
Why not challenge the brain droning palliatives of our day?
Why ask not, what has my country done for me recently?
(Other than sucking financial well being out from every orifice the TSA can find in my body?)
Am I better off today than I was before 9/11?
Or are the fear factor centers in my brain being played?
By them who know how to push those buttons?

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