Friday, July 19, 2013

Return of Flat Earth Theorists


advantage of
having your own
"Drummed Out" blog
is that you can't be censored into
the "baby in the corner"
corner by a megalomaniacal other blogger.

Who are these megalomaniacs?
No need to mention any names directly here.

The real issue is the belief that "simple" is good enough.
Which is a slippery slope.
because it means that:
(1) Them who simplistically deny Climate Change are on the right path,
(2) Them who simplistically deny Peak Oil are on the right path,
(3) Them who simplistically deny Falsifiable Science are on the right path.

And as for the unmentioned meglomaniac blogger** not mentioned here,
(**= One who invites/ baits others to comment on his blog site and then erases their comments unless they are complete kiss ups), his "good enough" theory of the human mind is that it can be simplistically divided into the "conscious" part and the one-way communicating "unconscious" part.

And anyone who suggests his simplistic theory of the mind is too simplistic, gets kicked off the hill.

Simple is, As simple does

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