Saturday, July 27, 2013

DOTE Drops Out

There are some people
who seem to have never
gotten past the High School habit
of dropping a few gratuitous F-Bombs in everything they say

One habitual F-bomb dropper
has finally grown up, tuned up
and dropped out.
But not before dropping one last "Humanity is F***ed" Bomb.

To imagine that the human condition can be summed up
in one simple "We're F***ed" line
is to have failed to grasp Cultural Biology.

It's much more complicated than that.

We are more than our biological genetics.
We are also our cultural connectomes.

We are the sum of our pre- and post-linguistic experiences,
many of them being social emotional ones.

What are our comprehensions of the "money" thing
even before we know how to speak?

What are our comprehensions of the Mommy & Daddy gods
and their quest for the "money" power
even before we know how to utter same sounds?

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