Monday, December 31, 2012

The Moai Territory Cliff Crisis

It was the 11th hour
and all the chieftains
of the Moai-head worshiping
Island had gathered to discuss
the Moai Territory Cliff Crisis . (Sometimes pronounced as Moan-ah-tarry Cliff Crisis --not to be confused with any Monetary/ Fiscal Cliff Crisis of any modern society)

It seems that years of
boastful chest pounding
had led to productivity
claims that just couldn't be met.

Try as they might, the Moai Head fabrication experts couldn't come up with a math that would appease the unease of them who were realizing there would be a By-the-Cliff Moai Territory Crisis soon befalling all who lived on this of-finite-size Moai-head worshiping Island.
What to do?

Some argued for
taxing the under
the cliff fishing
people more severely.

Some said that
a mere extension
of the Moai Head deficit
ceiling number would
fix the problem at least
until the next 2-year chieftain
re-election counsel met.

How did we get into this Moai print press mess in the first place? Some began to ask

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