Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The joke is (on/over) us

Creating a (weak) joke was not the intent when starting
the "But I have Rights!" post
(one below this post).

In the writing of it though,
it occurred to me that quick humor might be necessary because
on the Internet, we are all ADHD.

How long can any one post
hold your attention?
Each must include a provocative image
or an emotion eliciting statement.
Or a joke.

The true goal was ...

to investigate the
"Property rights trump Nature"
mentality of Libertarians and associated Right Wing Thinkers.

This came about from trying to understand the logic
of a Libertarian named Alex Epstein
in his so-called "debate" with Bill McKibben regarding Climate Change and continued burning of fossil fuels:

(Warning the below video is over 90 minutes long)

In the words of Mr. Epstein:

"McKibben is dead wrong about fossil fuels and our environment. If we take an objective, scientific look at how fossil fuels have impacted the human environment, including our climate, the overall result is amazing--we live in the [economically] greatest environment in human history. The countries with the worst environments--with the most filth, disease, crop failures, low life expectancies--are the ones that use the least fossil fuels."
[Bracketed text added]

There is nothing "scientific" about Mr. Epstein's notion of "But I (and my fellow Libertarians) have property rights", in other words, "economics" trumps the "eco-sphere".

Mother Nature is blind to "property rights".

Destroy "her" atmosphere and we all die.

Destroy "her" oceans, "her" fisheries,

and we, the overly-sapien apes, all die.

"Money" will not undo the damage.
Money ($$$) is no more than a government sanctioned "claim" on assumed future production by those who are willing (and able) to keep playing the game.

In a recent video talk, Nate Hagen (PhD Eco-systems & finance)
explains this and much more

Some of Nate's points:
(1) Growth can't be forever ....
(2) What goes up usually comes down ....
(3) Oil is finite ....
(4) Post Carbon Institute (300 seconds)
(5) URR convolved with EROEI
(6) Communication skills for delivering negative factoids

Can we live with our own "progress"?

Or is the joke on us?

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