Friday, September 7, 2012

The Science of Job Creationalism

If you're going to create a thing, shouldn't you first know "what it is" that you are creating before knowing "how" to create it?

So what is a "job"?

Maybe first we should examine a taxonomy of one's possible relations with the "job" thing.

(1) One may "have" a job.

(2) One may "do" the job.

(3) One may do useful, wealth-increasing work while on the "job".

(4) One may do useless or wealth-decreasing work while on the "job".

(5) One may be "proud" of one's job.

(6) One may have a IDGASOF* attitude about one's job.
(* I Don't Give A Sh8 Or Fa_t)

(A) The difference between "having" a job and "doing" it

"Having" a job usually entitles one to receiving a stream of compensation ($$) merely for the having of the job.

"Doing" the job is different. You might actually have to work.

Worse yet, you may not get paid much or at all for having actually done the work.


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