Saturday, October 26, 2013

First was the Word, and We knew not its Meanings

The story of Babel is as old as the Bible itself.
We toss words out at others.
We "babel" word-bites back to ourselves.
We pray for insight to emerge from our constant noise making.
Do we even know what half these words mean?
Because as comedian Lewis Black oft reminds us, We're F-in Idiots.

In no particular order, here are some of the bird chirp noises we make without stopping to realize we really don't know what those air vibrations mean:

1. I / me / this one for example .......... OP omlaag
2. "We" .......... .......... .......... .......... ..OP omlaag
3. You / The "You know" one .......... ..OP omlaag
4. Oh my God
5. Natural
6. Organic
7. Civilized
8. Common sense
9. The Government
10. Us/They
11. Technology
12. Money
13. The Economy
14. Success
15. Computers (Hardware / Software)
16. Blame / Fault / Responsibility
17. Entitlement / Deserve-i-hood
... (still under construction)

Connecting the dots: The Zombie Surge and The Them/Us Me/We Imperative

(1) Who am "I"?
The "I", the "me, myself", the "one and only".
When one speaks of one's own identity, one assumes that there is only the one and none other. The belief in a one and none other can be found even as the top of the list in the Biblical Ten Commandments.
However paradox is there when one can't make up one's mind. How is that possible? How can "a one and only" have two or more conflicting thoughts at the same time? Suddenly the facade of being a "one" begins to crumble. Or not; if the one refuses to admit that maybe it is not the one and none other. ...... OP omlaag

(2) Are "we" who we think we are?

Often we are positive that we know who we mean when speak of the we. Is that always true? Can "we" sometimes mean only "me"? Is "we" just the two of us?

(1a) WHAT am "I"?

1) "I" am /(am not) an "animal".
2) "I" am /(am not) one among an interacting group of "animals".
3) "I" am /(am not) an "intelligent, rational /(irrational) being".
4) "I" am /(am not) an integral part of a planet-wide ecological system.
5) "I" am what I say I am --the words make the man /woman /child.

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